Sunday, March 4, 2007

Feeling renewed

Yesterday I paid for a three month membership to the UMass Lowell rec center and Kimberly and I worked out there. I even went back today after church while Kimberly went to go copy-edit the school newspaper. Over the past few weeks I've been bundling up and running outside sporadically, but since we got a bunch of snow that blocked parts of my normal route, I've been uninspired. The imperative of having paid for the privilege to work out should be a nice boost of incentive.

I'm also feeling a sense of renewal in other areas of my life. I've practiced the bass nearly every day this past week, working on scales, jazz lines, and some James Jamerson transcriptions. Kimberly and I also had a very spiritually revitalizing time at the prayer and worship night at the church on Friday night. Having the chance to pray in groups with other believers for the unity and well-being of our church body was amazing.

Of course, with every period of refocus, some things that had been going well get taxed. I've had trouble finding time to read lately, and I have about twenty pages left of "The God Who is There" by Francis Schaeffer. I don't think that God ever intended for us to settle so much into routine that we feel as though we're achieving every beneficial activity that we could be pursuing. Time management, sacrifice, and prioritization are continual disciplines that we must practice all our lives.

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Danielle said...

How is the parking over at the Rec Center now that the parking garage is up? Where do you park as an alumni?