Sunday, March 25, 2007

Over the hump...

...of my work marathon before we leave on vacation this Wednesday.

Yesterday morning Kimberly and I got up bright and early in order to get to Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield, NH by 9:00AM. I delivered some 1032A speakers that they purchased from us and measured and calibrated them in their control room. Though I'm quite familiar with our MLS software, this was the first time that I visited a client for a calibration by myself (Kimberly was my lovely assistant). Everything went well and it was great to put my acoustics knowledge to practice and show the engineers there how their speakers were interacting with their control room.

After we finished up there we went a couple of towns up to Tilton, to the Tilt'n Diner and then the outlet stores. I got a new light jacket at Wilson's for a wicked deal, and Kimberly got some new dressy shirts for the conference.

Today I got up bright and early once again and went to worship band practice and church. After second service I stopped by the house to pick up some food and then went down to Acton to the Wellspring Sound for a recording session. I engineered a three song demo for a young operatic tenor with his teacher accompanying on piano. It was a ton of fun to be back in the studio, especially after taking a half hour or so to refamiliarize myself with the nuances of the setup there.

So now I have two working days before our vacation to Pittsburgh, and I'm expecting them to be long ones. Since all of our freight for our next trade show in April will be shipping the week that I get back, I have to have everything packed before I leave on Tuesday, which is no small task. I'm feeling much better after finishing everything exciting and stressful I had lined up this weekend though.

In other news, our ram overlords are closer than you might think.