Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back to the blog.

So it's been a while since I've had an entry. I'm not sure if I ever deluded myself by thinking that I would have the discipline to update my blog regularly. I think that the past six or seven years of my life has been a steady battle against the unmotivated person I was by nature and nurture. That being said, I'm much more proactive than I was back in the dark woods of Maine...

Things are going well lately. I've been running just about every day since joining the school gym a couple of weeks ago. At work I'm gearing up for the first big trade show of the year. Still diligently learning what it means to be a leader in our small group. Kimberly and I are always a bit too busy, but we're doing well to capture those moments of togetherness that dot our weeks.

I just finished The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, which was one of my favorite Lewis books (though there are a dozen great pieces by him that could contend for that honor). Tony and I had a great discussion about Christian influence on the world and how C.S. Lewis set such a unique example for those of us who are in no way extroverted. Tony pointed out that Lewis reached more unbelievers with his message that almost any other Christian of the last century, but he used none of the methods that are commonly taught to evangelical congregations. Rather than engaging strangers and acquaintances with a verbal appeal to faith, Lewis spent much of his life alone, becoming a greater and greater scholar, never ceasing to study, to think, to learn, to write. Through the perfection of his skills, so many have been and continue to be touched and moved.

So as I make plans with Kimberly and the Havens to begin a study on influence with unbelievers with my small group, I find myself very sensitive to these new insights. I'm not sure how this will influence our curriculum, but be sure that there will be no all-too-familiar discouraging talks on how we should be as bold as Peter when God made some of us to be influential in a totally different way.

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