Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another great weekend

I've been slowly recovering from that crazy nearly sleepless night on Thursday. This weekend I've had the chance to sleep in both days (I had to get up at 8AM this morning for worship band practice, but we went to bed pretty early).

Yesterday Kimberly and I got up and had breakfast together, and then I went to Greg and Marie's to help with bathroom renovations, along with John. We successfully replaced their old light blue toilet with a nice new and modern one. They're fixing things up in preparation to sell their place later this year.

After we finished up there, John and I went back to my apartment and picked up Kimberly and Laura and went up to Nashua. Early last week, John read a Penny Arcade entry that was eerily reminiscent of Funworld and decided that we had to make a trip. Spending $20 on tokens gets you an extra $7 worth free, so each couple contributed $10 and the fun began. Highlights included spending six tokens each on this huge space shooting game in which Kimberly's half of the projected screen was out of focus, and weaving through huge crowds of teenagers and their kids. But serious, it was pretty darn fun. Dinner was at Tio Juan's Margaritas in downtown Nashua.

Today was church and then Kimberly made Thai noodles with chicken for lunch. The weather was so nice that we took an hour walk around the Highlands. After playing some Zelda on the Wii I joined Kimberly at her 3-10 shift at PPM.

I could use prayer for peace from my recent anxieties and for strength and humility for times ahead. I do feel like things are looking up, so thanks to everyone who has remembered me in their prayers lately.

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