Saturday, February 17, 2007

Finally an update

This weekend has been very restorative so far.

Today we slept in, had a great breakfast, and then went up to Nashua where Kimberly had an eye doctor appointment. We stopped into Trader Joe's and bought some frozen food for the week to come, as well as some Harpoon IPA flavored cheddar cheese from Cabot, which is strangely amazing.

We then had lunch at On the Border to celebrate seven years of being together (it was seven years ago today that Kimberly finally said "yes" in a conversation on AOL [instant messaging, before the stand-alone Instant Messenger was popular]). We shared a fajita plate, which was enough to stuff us both.

Later in the day we made it back home where Kimberly took a nap and I played Zelda on the Wii for the first time in over two months, which I understand is shameful. We had some dinner and watched the first half of Seven Samurai, until it started skipping in our Playstation 2, which is a poor DVD video player. We had to switch over to the last couple of episodes of disc four of season one of Lost, which now has us completely hooked.

I can only hope that the last couple of days of the long weekend work out as well as this one. It is encouraging to finally have a proper day of rest.

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