Monday, February 12, 2007


Wow, I actually finished everything on my list for yesterday evening. I think I was partially motivated by the fact that I wrote it down here. Taxes looked scary for a while, as Kimberly had an improper amount taken from her check at both of her jobs early in 2006, but I found an educational credit that she hadn't been eligible for in the past that she could take this year, so we'll be getting a decent refund!

I also had the chance to check out a bit more of a PHP tutorial last night. I've recently decided that I'm going to go back to school to get a second bachelor's degree, this time in computer science. Any survey of the music industry will reveal the host of opportunities that this sort of degree could provide, and the deeper I get into this industry, the more compelled I am by acoustic research and product development.

I've begun studying PHP in particular not for these ends, but because (with the invaluable help of Tony Astolfi) I've been working on an idea to help increase the transparency of the warehouse at my work. If we had a web app that could interface with our printed product codes, it would be very easy to communicate the location of any item in the warehouse.

This evening we're picking up a book for one of Kimberly's classes at the Lowell Public Library and then heading out to do some shopping. It is looking like Wednesday will be our first full evening staying in since last Monday. Making proper use of the time we are given is a constant challenge.

Stand plate, anyone?

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Danielle said...

Good luck with your PHP endeavors! :) Make sure you enjoy Wednesday - what a better time to have a night to stay in than Valentine's day!