Friday, November 28, 2008

Update from the Road #2

We ended yesterday in Chicago, where we had some Chicago-style pizza for dinner and explored the downtown Michigan Ave. area. We definitely want to go back for a longer visit to Chicago.

Today we drove through Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, ending just over the border in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Tomorrow it's 400 miles across South Dakota, stopping by Mt. Rushmore, and then across most of Wyoming. We'll end the day outside of Yellowstone so that we can travel through the park on Saturday.

Internet access is sparse on the road, so we've been communicating mostly with twitter. Our twitter usernames:


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Steve Athanas said...

You mean WiMax hasn't made it to every road in the United States? Bah!

Loving the play-by-play on Twitter. Glad to see the adventure is off to a good start.