Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Life Alive and the road trip plan.

I met Steve at Life Alive for lunch yesterday in what will probably be the second to last time I go there. Kimberly and I have a lunch date there planned for this coming Saturday. That place is truly a gem for vegetarians or anyone who can appreciate real food (as opposed to the food-like substances) we (modern people of the developed world) usually consume.

Here is the plan for our road trip from Chelmsford to Northridge.

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We're heading out Tuesday afternoon. I hope to reach at least to Syracuse before we call it a night. Then I want to get to Chicago by Wednesday night. From there, it's a whole lot of flat nothing until we stop at Mt. Rushmore and drive through Yellowstone. It's then on to Salt Lake City, down through Nevada, and to our final destination via roads with no agro checkpoints.

If we drive 12-14 hours a day, we'll arrive on Saturday. Making room for some exploring of interesting places or a break here and there, I'm planning on us getting in sometime Sunday.

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Steve Athanas said...

I'm not a vegetarian. I'm a recovering junk food addict, and just thinking about Life Alive makes me smile.

You know how anxious I can get on log car rides, but this looks like a genuinely cool trip. Take lots of pictures!