Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Alive

I wanna go back! The food at this place is beyond delicious. Unfortunately, it's also rather pricey (a little under $10 a head before drinks), but it's worth it! Totally fresh ingredients combine to make a generous helping of culinary delight.

This is happening over and over in my mind right now.

Let's go. I'll meet you there for lunch or something (whoever you are). Just say the word.

Disclaimer: Kimberly and I are doing a "raw fast" for two days where we only eat raw food (with the exception of boiled rice yesterday and boiled potatoes tonight), so my desire for good cooked foods might be somewhat inflated (seriously, Wendy's smelled really good when I drove by yesterday afternoon), but my above statements about Life Alive are 100% sincere.


Kimberly Pye said...

Bring me some tomorrow. :-D

Danielle A. said...

It was, indeed, yummy. :)