Monday, June 30, 2008

He cannot be stopped!

We decided that the old solution of keeping the ferrets out of the carpeted half of the apartment wasn't going to cut it anymore, so yesterday we went up to Babies 'R' Us and bought a new door with a smooth plastic face that Mr. Pink couldn't possibly climb.

It took him mere minutes to figure out how to make it over. I've tried a couple of different angles, but it's already clear that this is by no means the silver bullet it was originally hailed as.

Notice how he masterfully grabs the stopper on the left as he hoists himself up...

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Steve Athanas said...

I am continually impressed by Mr. Pink's ingenuity, as well as his obviously steel-clad resolve. Did you try putting that board over the top of this gate like you had over the other one? Razor wire? I doubt either would be terribly effective.