Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eye passed out.

First thing yesterday morning I went to a new eye doctor. He found that I have a bit of trouble focusing close-range, so I got these spiffy reading glasses:

He also decided to dilate my eyes to check my retinas, which probably would have been fine if he hadn't told me that the eye drops numbed my eyes. I don't do well with numbness. In fact, it makes me pass out. The eye drops actually just stung a little and then my eyes felt cool. But it was too late.

I warned him in advance that I have a problem with numbness and then after he applied the drops I said something like "oh yeah, I don't feel so good," which was the last thing I remember saying.

While I was out, my mind was thinking of other things, trivial things, but like being awoken early from a dream, I forgot it all when I came back to the examining room, slowly realizing what had happened, with a slightly distraught optometrist tending to me. As I sipped some Poland Spring he wrote in his notes, saying that that wouldn't happen in his exam room again (meaning that he'd never give me that test again). It was certainly a rather odd start to the work week.

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Danielle A. said...

The glasses look nice! Sorry about the passing out though... yikes. At least he was an understanding doc. :)