Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lonely trip to Boston

I went to the city today thinking that I would do a bit of shopping and then head for the Blue Hills to hike. My first problem was that instead of parking in a garage and taking the T I decided to search for a spot myself. It took about an hour and I was at least a 10 minute walk from Downtown Crossing. Street parking in Boston is such a gamble. I've had several trips where we found a spot in minutes, but all too many like this, where it becomes a long and frustrating exercise.

I went to Strawberries on Washington St. and cleaned house. I bought a couple of those discs I said that I wanted back a couple of blog entries ago, as well as a few others. Their used CDs were buy three, get one free.

After scouring all of the used discs at Strawberries I went down the street to H&M. H&M is my favorite clothing store because their size small clothing actually fits me and some of their clothes are so cheap I'll buy them before they're on clearance.

On my way back to the car it was very hot and I was starving so I got some soft serve.

Here's everything I bought:

just because I always have pics in my posts lately

Unfortunately, it was around 1PM when I was done shopping, not to mention 90+ degrees. I could have hit the trail in the Blue Hills, but by the time I was done I would be sweaty, exhausted, and most discouraging, caught in outbound rush hour traffic. I decided it was best to head back to Lowell.

I'd love to go out for a run, but it's still very hot out. I might have to settle for the exercise bike at home. In the mean time, Putin is getting crazier and crazier.

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