Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Concert Tonight

During our time so far in LA we've been getting more and more into the local scene, finding the best spots to hang out and seeing shows whenever possible. Tonight is no exception; we're going to the Echo to see two great bands: Cymbals Eat Guitars and Freelance Whales (check out some truly great videos of Freelance Whales playing live for NPR here).

The area, Echo Park/Silver Lake, also has some of the best bars and vegan food in LA so it can be tough to choose a dinner spot, but we're almost always drawn to Good Microbrew when we're in the area midweek because every Wednesday night they have Mystery Beer Night, where you get one of about 12 great microbrews in a plain plastic cup for $3 with a code on the bottom, revealing which beer on the list you were served. Woo hoo!

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Jon said...

Dan, I check out your blog once and a while as the link is in my gmail contacts for some reason. I agree with your Good Microbrew recommendation, had dinner there and a mystery beer while vacationing in CA. Great place especially since there are vegetarian options. Good veggie choices are not always easy to come by.

Jon Blais