Monday, September 24, 2007

Carbon Bigfoot Print

This weekend we went as far northeast as Calais, ME for a wedding. That's about 6 hours one way from Lowell. When we got back home we fed the ferrets and immediately headed for IKEA in Stoughton. Considering we had to drive separate vehicles back from Bucksport to Lowell, the grand total milage for the weekend is something like 1,057 miles! Yikes...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Work is Good

Just when I thought my work couldn't get any better (nerdier), all this week I've been learning how to test delays and levels and stuff with oscilloscopes and Audio Precision hardware. Woo hoo!

Though I've had to get up and go to work early for the past four weeks (with no end in sight yet), I'm really fitting in well here. I'm getting to know most of the people I work with in engineering and I've really excelled at the tasks at hand.

On a related note, going into work early has allowed me to get out a bit early too. This has given me time to go for a long run almost every day for the past couple of weeks. I'm up to a daily run of about six miles without soreness or fatigue during or after. I've had a chance to go running all over Lowell, really appreciating the city that I'm about to leave (it's not all that melodramatic, though, since I'm moving three miles away to the next town over).

Kimberly and I have really managed to fill our calendar lately. There's barely a day in the next few weeks without a meeting here or a necessary trip there. I used to think that October would be the time when things settled down, but between finishing up the move, Kimberly's trip to South Carolina, and a Journey Group Leader's retreat, that month is getting pretty dense already. November! I'll relax a bit then...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sunflowers of the Highlands

There are many sunflowers in the Lowell Highlands. Yesterday Kimberly and I set out on a long walk and snapped some pictures of them.

We walked for 4 1/2 miles and it was surely a very cursory survey of the sunflowers in our neighborhood.

Here are some photos of bonus non-sunflower sights we found of interest: